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Woman wins nearly $14 million in damages in Yasmin lawsuit

Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 3:43 pm by Williams Hart    

A woman who suffered from a stroke after being prescribed Yasmin by her doctor recently won damages worth $14 million, Chicago Tribune reported on April 20.

Reports said a Cook County jury and the legal counsel of Mariola Zapalski concluded that she was wrongfully advised by her Chicago doctor to take Yasmin in 2007. Zapalski, then 37 years old, was entirely paralyzed on her left side by a stroke only days after taking Yasmin birth control pills. Zapalski was not given information about the harmful potential side effects of Yasmin when it was prescribed to her. The award is a relief to the couple, who have endured many hardships as a result of the doctor’s poor prescription. Zapalski’s husband Rafal also had to stop working to take care of his wife.

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