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Williams Hart and Unions

Labor unions have played a fundamental role in the development of labor standards in our country, and our team at Williams Hart is proud to support our local unions as they continue to advocate for fair compensation and workers’ rights in the area. In fact, managing partner John Eddie Williams, Jr. grew up in a strong union household. As influential as labor unions have been, we believe it is important that we do everything we can to support local chapters to help ensure that they can continue to do their good works.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to support local unions by getting involved with community events, discussing important legal issues with union leaders, speaking at labor union events, and conducting steward training presentations for union workers. When their members come to them during a time of legal need, union representatives have specifically referred their members to our firm for help.

Bearing all of this in mind, our team is proud of the close association that we have been able to develop with local labor unions and of the trust that they have placed in our firm. In fact, we are the preferred law firm of each of the following local union chapters:

  • Insulators & Allied Workers Local #22
  • Boilermakers L.U. #74
  • Bricklayers District Council Local 5 Okla/Ark/Texas
  • Carpenters District Council
  • Carpenters L.U. #551 (Central South)
  • Cement Masons L.U. #681
  • Electrical Workers L.U. #716
  • Elevator Constructors #31
  • Glazier’s Local #1778
  • Ironworkers L.U. #84
  • Ironworkers #847 (Regional Reinforcing)
  • Laborers L.U. #154
  • Millwrights L.U. #2232
  • Operating Engineers #450
  • Painters Local #130
  • Pipe Fitters L.U. #211
  • Plasterers L.U. #79
  • Plumbers L.U. #68
  • Road Sprinkler Fitter L.U. #669
  • Roofers L.U. #123
  • Sheet Metal Workers L.U. #54
  • Teamsters L.U. #968
  • Boilermakers L.U. #132
  • Ironworkers L.U. #135
  • Boilermaker-Lonestar District
  • Electrical Workers L.U. #66
  • Iron Workers Local #847
  • Harris County AFL-CIO
  • Texas Building Trades Council
  • Texas AFL/CIO

At Williams Hart, we understand just how crucial labor unions are for workers all over the country, and we are proud of what we have been able to do in support of local unions here in the Houston area. That being said, we are dedicated to the further development of our relationship with local union chapters and we will be happy to support each of these vital organizations in any way that we are able.

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