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Houston No-Zone Truck Accidents Lawyer

Semi trucks and 18-wheelers are large, powerful vehicles that require special training and skills to operate appropriately and safely. This is in part due to the presence multiple blind spots known as no-zones. When another vehicle is in one of these no-zones, it is completely invisible to a truck driver, which can lead to a devastating accident if the truck driver makes a sudden driving maneuver. In order to prevent these accidents, truck drivers are supposed to pay special attention to these no-zone areas.

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers fulfill this important responsibility, sometimes causing serious truck accidents. If a reckless truck driver has caused you or someone you love to suffer injuries in a no-zone accident, the Houston no-zone truck accident lawyers of Williams Hart may be able to hold him or her responsible for your damages Contact us at (713) 352-7071 to speak with a qualified and compassionate attorney about how we can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Where are a Truck’s No-Zone Areas?

Commercial trucks have more blind spots than regular vehicles. A motorist is virtually invisible to a truck driver when he or she is driving in one of the following areas:

  • Front – the area directly in front of a truck, about two car lengths’ distance
  • Right Side – about four to five car lengths to the right and back of the right side of the truck
  • Left Side – an estimated one to two car lengths to the left and back of the left side of the truck
  • Back – around three to five car lengths behind the truck, largely dependent on the length of the truck

Although it is a motorist’s responsibility to drive safely and avoid these areas, it is also a truck driver’s duty to operate his or her vehicle with extra care when it comes to making driving decisions that could endanger someone driving in one of these no-zones.

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