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Knowing that we’re able to help our clients recover from devastating situations that were not their fault is extremely rewarding. Our team works tirelessly to get justice for every person that hires our firm. Below are some examples of what our clients have said about working with Williams Hart.

Williams and KherKher are the best. I known this firm for over 20 years. Good people. I would highly recommend them.

Dee Carolina Via Facebook

This law firm went above an beyond, stayed in the fight for so so many years. I have said so many time how grateful i am for playing a important part in changing the direction of my kids future. Again from the Robinson family in Palatka FLA, Thank you Mr. Allen, Mrs. Teresa and all the staff

Amp Robinson Via Facebook

Have appreciated for 25+ Years now the dedication this Firm has for the working class and the many cases I have seen them handle in both arbitration’s and personal injury. Power, integrity, honesty and relating to their clients is top among the strengths that set them apart. While I have never had reason personally to use them outside of an arbitration, they are and will be my choice for any case or advise. If they don’t handle it, I’ll be asking for their recommendation.

Jimmy Easter Via Facebook

I want to thank you for the professional and expeditious way you handled my claim. I finally got some satisfaction for the disability and distress it caused me. We were fortunate to have had your firm representing us.

Owen T.

Williams Hart Law firm has been a wonderful term to work with. The professionalism and high standards still stand strong today! I would recommend these guys for anyone seeking legal representation.

Lauren Swiedom Via Facebook

The attorneys of Williams & Kherkher truly understand the needs of working men and women and their families. I cannot single out an individual by name here as each and every attorney in this firm consistently exceeds expectations. Their support staff of professional legal assistants and clerks are organized and efficient beyond compare, making business with Williams & Kherkher a real pleasure. Whether my legal needs have been in Federal Court, Family Court or an arbitration hearing I have never felt slighted for time by any of the W & K staff. Recently my wife and I had to have our Wills updated. With remarkable efficiency we received much more than simple Last Wills and Testaments. Our current need to secure our families future need was more than simply met, it was as always, exceeded. Just another great job. Williams & Kherkher may be listed here as “Personal Injury Law” when in fact they are Personal Lawyers.

Gene O. Via Yelp

Sean McCarthy is one of the best lawyers I could ever hope to work with. His ability to reduce complex issues into simple concepts that business people can understand kept me informed throughout the process. And he was always responsive to let me know of any developments.

My business is family owned, and I appreciate the way you carefully listened to my questions and comments and responded quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue. Very professional, very responsive and you got a very good outcome for me and my family. I recommend Sean and Williams Hart.

Michael K.

I trust this firm with all my heart…all my life.

Charles Kramer

Just knowing they care so much gives you strength.

Elizabeth Lawhorn

Williams Hart worked on our father’s case…We had confidence in Williams Hart and my dad had confidence in Williams Hart

Yolanda Gonzales

Winning is important…but believing in what you’re fighting for is even more important in the long run. These people have had a great effect on my life.

Eddie Byers

I know you are a busy woman so I won’t take too much of your time, but I have been wanting to send you an email for quite some time to also express my gratitude for all the work that you and the team did for us throughout this lawsuit. As I stop to reflect what happened to us two years ago today (my dad dying) I can’t help to think of the verbal commitment you and Troy made to my dad and with the help and countless hours of studying the case and watching videos it almost feels that all of you were our extended family. I hope that all is well for you and be sure to relay my gratitude with Troy as well. I have told Rosalie many times that I wish I could go to court and watch all of you in action….I am so glad all of you were for us and not against us … :)!

Have a wonderful day!

James R. Juarez

I do want to thank you for your hard work on this. I know that I may not have expressed that to you, but thank you.

Judy Crawford
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