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Federal judge denies BP’s request to pause payments

Posted on Friday, February 28th, 2014 at 12:23 pm by Williams Hart   

On Wednesday, February 26 U.S. District Court Judge Carl Barbier denied BP’s request to suspend payments to seafood workers. BP wanted the payments suspended after suspecting Mikal Watts, the lawyer representing seafood workers, of committing fraud.

Attorneys for BP contested that the $2.3 billion oil spill seafood compensation fund was inflated. The claim was dismissed because BP’s attorneys couldn’t verify that Watts committed fraud.

A total of $1 billion from the fund has already been distributed.

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BP continues with payments over oil spill settlement

Posted on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 at 2:17 pm by Williams Hart   

BP was recently approved to proceed with payment settlements regarding the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Payments were temporarily paused after some of the oil spill victims expressed dissatisfaction over the settlement amount.

On Thursday, February 13 claimant appeals contesting the medical amount were released in a New Orleans U.S. Court of Appeals. Claimants of the medical settlement must have resided in beachfront areas within a half mile from the water or in wetland areas within one mile of the water in coastal sites in Louisiana, the Florida Panhandle, Mississippi, or Alabama th the time of the oil spill.

If you have been victimized by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, you could be entitled to receive payments from BP. The attorneys at Williams Hart help oil spill victims receive payments. Call (713) 352-7071 to speak with a member of our legal team today.

BP asks appeals court to review settlement ruling

Posted on Saturday, January 25th, 2014 at 3:20 pm by Williams Hart   

BP recently asked the Fifth U.S. Circuit of Appeals to conduct a review of the ruling that required the company to pay a multi-billion dollar settlement to BP oil spill claimants.

BP’s attorneys are contesting U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier’s 2012 ruling, claiming that he approved payment to a “vast number of claimants…without regard to whether the class has been defined to include numerous members with no colorable claims against the defendants”.

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Williams Hart visits Ruston, La. to talk about BP oil spill claims with business leaders

Posted on Thursday, August 8th, 2013 at 10:43 am by Williams Hart   

Yesterday, attorneys from Williams Hart spoke with business leaders from Lincoln Parish about their options for filing a claim with the BP oil spill settlement. The team stressed both that claims can still be filed against BP and that a business does not necessarily have to be located directly on the coast to be considered eligible for compensation under the settlement.

When speaking with these community business owners, the lawyers also focused on the fact that only a small percentage of eligible people and businesses have filed a BP oil spill claim. In fact, according to Steve Kherkher, a partner with Williams Hart, “So far BP has paid out $1.1 billion in economic losses. They’ve set aside $6 billion and there is no cap on those damages.”

While some business owners and operators have expressed concern that their business will not actually qualify to receive money under the settlement, Kherkher also stated, “A big misconception is that you have to show or prove that somehow the oil spill affected your business. You don’t.”

For business owners and managers, such as Michael Gahagan, the general manager at a Holiday Inn Express in Ruston, this is welcome news, as the oil spill indirectly affected their business by decreasing tourism.

If you’ve been affected by the Gulf Coast oil spill in any way, talk with an attorney from Williams Hart about filing a claim to pursue compensation for your losses and damages. When you call (713) 352-7071, we can help you evaluate your options and decide on the right course of legal action.

BP requests halt of claim payments

Posted on Thursday, July 25th, 2013 at 1:26 pm by Williams Hart   

On July 16, British multinational oil and gas company BP asked U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier to momentarily cease claim payments to Gulf Coast businesses and residents until after Louis Freeh of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has concluded the investigation of a deliberate misappropriation of the multibillion-dollar settlement program.

In April, Barbier refused to halt billion-dollar payments to businesses after BP contested that misinterpretations regarding the settlement have been made by him and court-appointed claims administrator Patrick Juneau. According to BP, he ordered the company to pay for “inflated and fictitious losses.”

BP spokesman Geoff Morrell said it would be “impractical if not impossible” to reclaim the $73 million in weekly claim payments that the Court Supervised Settlement Program (CSSP) made during the investigation. Morrell added that BP is simply seeking a pause in the payments, saying that the company shouldn’t have to bear the burden of paying for fraudulent claims.

If you have a business or a residence that has been affected by the BP oil spill, get help making a claim for your losses from an attorney at  Williams Hart. Call (713) 352-7071 to talk with us about your legal options for getting the financial assistance you need.

BP asks for reassessment of 2012 settlement terms

Posted on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 at 3:40 pm by Williams Hart   

BP has been constantly complaining this year that claims administrator Patrick Juneau has been misinterpreting the terms of a 2012 settlement reached between the company and a class of claimants. Its latest attempt to review Juneau’s payouts will be heard on Monday, July 15, by an appeals court.

Under the terms of the settlement reached last year, a business will be eligible for an economic loss claim by showing proof of decreased revenue, higher expenses, or both during and/or after the oil spill, as compared with other periods.

BP said that in case of erroneous payouts, they are at a disadvantage; after all, the nature of the payments, unlike other future costs, would be “impossible” to recover through litigation.

BP has $1.7 billion left in the $20 billion pot it has set aside for paying a total of $8.2 billion of business economic loss and other compensation claims.

If you lost property or sustained other damages in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused by London-based multinational oil and gas company BP, get help from our attorneys at Williams Hart in filing your claim. Schedule a consultation with our team by dialing (713) 352-7071 today.

BP oil spill court administrator opens investigation on staff lawyer

Posted on Monday, June 24th, 2013 at 2:09 pm by Williams Hart   

Lafayette-based, court-appointed administrator, lawyer Patrick Juneau is investigating reports that the oil magnate BP can use as evidence to substantiate its claim that it hasn’t gotten a fair deal from the claims-processing team. Juneau said that, as of June 21, he has opened an investigation into the alleged misconduct of one of his staff lawyers, Lionel Sutton III, who resigned that same day according to Juneau’s spokesman Nick Gagliano.

According to Juneau’s office, they have received reports that Sutton was allegedly trying to influence the outcome of a claim filed by a New Orleans-based law firm, and such reports were given to U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier during a meeting on June 20.

Sutton reportedly denied the allegations discussed with him by Juneau, even though the report contained email passages with Sutton allegedly asking about his nearly $500,000 cut.

If you have lost property or suffered damages due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, you may be owed money from the BP oil spill fund. Get in touch with a lawyer at Williams Hart by calling (713) 352-7071 to further understand your legal options.

BP’s facing greater costs due to oil spill settlement

Posted on Thursday, June 20th, 2013 at 2:20 pm by Williams Hart   

British multinational oil and gas company BP PLC’s $8 billion settlement deal with the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill victims is slowly going awry.

BP contested settlement’s claims administrator Patrick Juneau’s interpretation of the 2012’s settlement, which could add more costs to the $42 billion bill, and appealed to have U.S. District Judge Carl Babier’s confirmation of Juneau’s interpretation corrected. Although the company is claiming that Juneau’s interpretation is incorrect, the settlement that the company agreed to states that businesses can get their damages covered if they simply meet a numerical formula.

BP’s shares dropped 1.2 percent, closing at 464 pence in London trading.

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