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Factory Employees Exposed to Asbestos

Manufacturing jobs frequently require workers to put in long hours in the enclosed spaces of factories. Before the nationwide ban in 1979, many manufactured goods contained asbestos. Factory employees may have been exposed to asbestos before the ban, but due to the long, slow process by which mesothelioma develops have only recently been diagnosed. Although it may take decades for mesothelioma to develop, it tends to progress swiftly once it reaches a diagnosable stage.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you likely have many questions about your legal options. Those that worked with asbestos at a factory employee may be able to file a lawsuit seeking financial compensation to address medical bills and other considerations. Contact the asbestos lawsuit attorneys of Williams Hart at (888) 380-6376 to discuss your potential case.

Who is at Risk?

Although anyone who worked in a factory that produced asbestos-containing products may be in danger, there are some jobs that may have been more dangerous before the asbestos ban. This list includes:

  • Grinding machine operators
  • Drill press operators

Because these individuals may have been required to drill into products that were made from asbestos and utilized machinery that contained this dangerous substance, these employees may experience an elevated mesothelioma risk. These workers and others that worked in factories that made things with asbestos should consider speaking to a medical professional about their health concerns.

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