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Houston Firm’s First Case Against Sprint for Violation of Property Rights

HOUSTON, TX (October 6, 2005) – Williams Bailey Law Firm, L.L.P., announced today they have launched a commercial and consumer litigation department. Attorneys and dedicated staff will focus on contract disputes, business torts and consumer class actions.

In the new department’s first case, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Sprint (NYSE: S) on behalf of thousands of landowners in Texas. Easement laws permit electricity providers to build transmissions towers on private property exclusively for the transmission of electrical power. Without the consent of property owners, Sprint has used these existing towers to erect their own cellular phone antennae.

“The law is very clear: the easement extends only to the transmission and distribution of electricity,” said Armi Easterby, Williams Bailey attorney and leader of the new department. “Sprint signed a deal with Texas energy companies without permission from landowners. We plan to vindicate the property rights of all affected Texans in this matter.”

The suit was filed in federal district court in Kansas, worldwide headquarters for Sprint.

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