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Oil Field Injury Lawyers – Drilling and Fracking Blowouts

Working on an oil field is a dangerous job — there are numerous ways to be injured at work. However, one of the most dangerous hazards by far is facing a drilling or fracking blowout. If you’ve been hurt or if you lost a loved one in a drilling or fracking blowout accident, contact the Texas oilfield injury attorneys of Williams Hart right away to learn about your rights and legal options.

Blowouts happen when crude oil or gas flows uncontrolled out of a drilling or fracking site. These accidents are extremely perilous and can cause severe injury or death.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an oil field blowout accident, you may be under significant financial stress. Treating the severe injuries caused by oil field blowouts can result in massive medical bills. Additionally, you may be dealing with lost wages if your injuries have prevented you from working.

You deserve to receive compensation for these losses. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, there may be numerous ways for you to receive compensation, such as through workers’ compensation or a personal injury lawsuit.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of a fracking or drilling oil blowout, you are likely feeling immeasurable stress and grief. At Williams Hart, we will help you shoulder the burden of your case by doing everything possible to get you the compensation you deserve. Give us a call today at (713) 352-7071 to schedule a free consultation.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

There are many complicated rules and regulations that govern the oil and fracking industries. Oil and gas companies are regulated to ensure that they are providing safe working conditions for their employees. An experienced fracking/drilling blowout attorney will have specialized knowledge of these rules and regulations and will be able to conduct a full investigation into whether any rules were violated.

Our Williams Hart lawyers have decades of combined experience in pursuing cases like yours, and are ready to get you the compensation you deserve.

Why Choose Williams Hart?

At Williams Hart, we are a team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys who are dedicated to helping the clients get the justice they deserve. We take pride in giving every case individualized attention and treating our clients as people, not numbers. We have a proven track record of securing million and multi-million dollar settlements for our clients — we recently won $1,500,000 for a client who was injured in an oil refinery explosion accident.

Many people have concerns about how they will afford an attorney. With Williams Hart, you don’t need to worry. We operate on a contingency-fee-basis, meaning that we take a percentage of the overall amount you win at the end of your trial. There will be no fees or bills for our services along the way. If you don’t win your case, then you don’t owe us any money. This allows anyone, regardless of financial means, to have full access to our expert lawyers and resources. We also offer a 100% free consultation, so you can explain your situation and we can get the ball rolling. Call us today at (713) 352-7071 to schedule a free consultation.

What Is a Drilling or Fracking Blowout?

A drilling or fracking blowout occurs when pressure from a drilling or fracking operation is suddenly released, causing an uncontrolled release of oil from the earth. This release can be quite forceful, even explosive. Oil is formed over the course of millions of years, when water is compressed out of carbon-based materials (like animal life forms or plants) as layers of sediment pile up on top of them. These layers of sediment exert immense pressure around an oil reservoir.

To account for the highly pressurized state of the rock formations surrounding underground oil, those working in the oil field have worked hard to perfect a system of pressure management. Today, drilling and fracking operations constantly measure the risk of a blowout, and take steps to repressurize the area when there are warning signs.

Although oil drilling has become safer, the oil and gas industry has not been able to eradicate blowouts. There are a number of reasons why blowouts still happen. For example, some blowouts occur because the pressure management system was not properly maintained, or because the employee in charge of the system was inadequately trained.

The reason behind the blowout that caused injury to you or a loved one is critical to your legal case. It’s also crucial that you have an attorney who has the resources to carry out a full-fledged, independent investigation. Oil and gas companies have sometimes been found to try to cover up or otherwise alter investigations in an effort to make them look less responsible for the accident.

What Are Common Drilling/Fracking Blowout Injuries?

Blowouts often cause severe injury and even death. Equipment on the oil rig can break, heavy cables can snap, and the oil rig itself can become unstable and even collapse. Those working in and around the drilling/fracking apparatus can sustain traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, lacerations, dismemberment, paralysis, and more.

Furthermore, as blowouts release crude oil and other flammable materials, and sparks can create catastrophic fires or explosions. This can lead to severe burn injuries. Similarly, blowouts can realize toxic gases such as methane and carbon monoxide, which can lead to brain damage, respiratory issues, and death if inhaled.

How Much Money Will I Be Able to Recover?

Your ultimate compensation amount will depend on the unique circumstances of your accident and injuries. Since this was an injury that happened at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. To receive this kind of compensation, you do not have to show that anyone (your boss, coworkers, etc.) was responsible for your injuries. You just need to prove that you were injured while at work. Workers’ compensation can help you pay for medical bills and replace some of your lost wages.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation benefits can be quite limited, and often do not fully compensate for a victim’s injuries, especially future medical bills. Workers’ compensation will also not pay anything for “pain and suffering,” or the trauma and pain you have suffered as a direct result of your accident.

Because of the limitations of workers’ compensation, many of those who have been injured in fracking/drilling blowout accidents choose to litigate their case in court. If you choose to pursue a lawsuit against your company, you may be able to receive more compensation. Generally, those who file personal injury lawsuits are eligible for compensation of two types of damages: economic and non-economic.

Economic damages are those for which money is a direct substitute. These are things like your past, present, and future medical bills, any property damage that may have occurred, and lost wages if your accident-caused injuries have made you unable to work. In order to make a strong argument for the highest amount of economic damage compensation possible, it’s important to keep documentation of all of your bills related to your accident. It’s also critical that you get medical attention as soon as possible. Not only is it in the best interest of your personal health, but delaying medical treatment can make it seem as though your injuries are not as severe as you say they are.

Non-economic damages are those for which money is an approximate, rather than a direct substitute. You may have heard of compensation for “pain and suffering” — these are non-economic damages. These damages exist to provide compensation for any pain, mental trauma, or emotional distress you experience as a result of your accident. Since drilling/fracking blowouts can be catastrophic, it is common for victims to experience significant emotional distress and trauma following their accident. It’s difficult to put a dollar figure on non-economic damages, but they tend to be about 1.5 to 5 times the amount of your economic damages. In order to make a case for non-economic damages, we may hire a mental health professional to interview you and then testify in court about your mental state. We also recommend documenting every time your injuries make it difficult to live life as you used to.

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