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Stephen Munson Initiates Declaratory Judgment Lawsuit Against Vulcan Power Company

Williams Hart represents green power development expert seeking to establish right to do business in Texas.

AUSTIN, TX (PRWEB) January 15, 2010 – Stephen Munson, a recognized expert on green” power development, today announced that he has engaged the services of the law firm of Williams Hart in a lawsuit filed in Travis County District Court.

The lawsuit seeks a declaratory judgment to establish that Munson’s efforts to create and develop renewable green power in Texas do not run afoul of any alleged fiduciary duties Munson may owe to Vulcan Power Company (“Vulcan”). Munson is widely credited in the energy industry for his leading role in new Renewable Portfolio Standard laws in the Western United States. Also joining the lawsuit as plaintiffs are GeoPower Texas Co., Green Cloud, Inc., Geo Algae Co., and Algae BioTech Co.

Williams Hart has 25 experienced attorneys and over 70 support staff, and is perhaps best known for representing the State of Texas against several large tobacco companies, which resulted in the largest settlement in history. The Firm focuses in commercial disputes, mass torts, and a wide variety of high-profile cases throughout the United States.

“This case is simply about clearing Mr. Munson’s good name and establishing that his efforts to help Texas obtain green and renewable sources of energy are in all ways above-board and appropriate,” stated Armistead “Armi” Easterby, trial lawyer and head of the firm’s commercial litigation section. “Vulcan’s attorneys sent Mr. Munson a cease and desist letter regarding his business in Texas, so he had no choice but to file this case to get a declaratory judgment to establish his right to do business in Texas.”

The case has not yet been set for trial, and is pending before the Hon. Darlene Byrne in the 126th District Court of Travis County, Texas. The Petition alleges that Vulcan exited the Texas market on November 17, 2008, three days before it abruptly terminated Munson as CEO. The Petition further alleges that none of Munson’s current activities are within Vulcan’s principal businesses. As alleged in the Petition, Vulcan’s principal geothermal business relates to the acquisition of geothermal leases and the sale of geothermal power from Nevada to Nevada and California utilities. Vulcan is also involved in biomass electric power in Oregon, and the geothermal district heating business.

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