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Williams Hart Files Defamation Suit on Behalf of Three Houston Police Officers

Houston, TX – February 4, 2009 — On Wednesday, February 4, 2009, Houston personal injury attorneys representing Houston police offers Gilberto Cruz, Bacilio Guzman, and Matthew Marin filed a civil lawsuit against Quanell X and Marvin Driver, Jr. for defamation.

The lawsuit asserts that Quanell X and Marvin Driver, Jr. defamed the three officers when they falsely accused the officers of physically abusing Mr. Driver following his arrest on November 17, 2008. These false accusations caused the officers to suffer public and private humilitation, contempt and ridicule, and did serious damage to their personal reputations.

“The Houston Police Officers’ Union fully supports these officers in their efforts to clear their names. The Union will not stand idly by while convicted criminals and publicity-seekers make patently false accusations and slander the names of honest, hard-working police officers. Our Union is prepared to devote any resources necessary to assist its members in such cases,” said Union president Gary L. Blankinship.

“We are proud to support these fine officers in their civil action to correct the harm that has been unfairly and unjustly brought upon them. Mr. Driver and Mr. X knowingly and intentionally engaged in a public campaign to destroy the reputations of three hard working officers who were doing their job. As a result of their campaign to smear the three officers, all three officers suffered financial loss, humiliation, and embarrassment.”

“It’s now time for Mr. Driver and Mr. X to be held accountable by a top team of no-nonsense attorneys for the damage they have caused,” added Blankinship.

Officers Cruz, Guzman and Marin are represented by Steven J. Kherkher and Charles D. Finley of the Houston personal injury law firm Williams Hart and Sally L. Ring and Aaron J. Suder of the Houston Police Officers’ Union Office of Legal Counsel.

The lawsuit was filed in the 269th District Court of Harris County, Texas, under cause #2009-06972.

The Houston Police Officers’ Union was established in 1945 and is the elected sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all Houston police officers.

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