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J&J to pay millions of dollars in fine due to deceptive marketing

Posted on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 at 12:15 pm    

South Carolina’s high court ordered Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to pay a fine of $136 million for deceptively marketing its anti-psychotic drug Risperdal and concealing its hazards, Reuters reported on Thursday, February 26.

Justice John Kittredge’s ruling stated that J&J’s desire for greater market share and revenue compelled the company to grievously violate South Carolina law. However, the Supreme Court’s decision has cut the fine from $327 million to more than half, citing a three-year statute of limitations.

In 2007, the state filed a complaint against the Risperdal maker after learning about the misleading information contained in its inserts since 1994, and its reportedly misleading letters to prescribing physicians in 2003.

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