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Houston Explosion Accident Lawyers

You need the right firm on your side after an explosion accident.

Workplace explosions are an unfortunate possibility for workers in many industries. Plant, refinery, oilfield, oil rig, and pipeline workers are especially vulnerable to accidental explosions in their very dangerous work environments. It is the responsibility of site managers and supervisors to make every effort to prevent these accidents from happening, but unfortunately, explosions do occur and workers may suffer serious, catastrophic injuries or even death as a result.

If you have been hurt in an explosion or if you have lost a loved one in a workplace explosion, you do not have to deal with the aftermath alone. Mounting medical bills, lost wages, or the loss of companionship are often too difficult for people to deal with while they should be recovering or mourning following a serious accident. That’s why you should call Williams Hart immediately following a serious accident to make sure that you have a compassionate, experienced Houston explosion accident attorney on your side to help you protect your livelihood and the well-being of your family. 

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

When you are involved in a workplace explosion, you are likely dealing with catastrophic injuries that require lengthy recovery times. You need to focus on recovering and rehabilitating so that you can get your life back. While legal proceedings may not be on the forefront of your mind, responsible parties must be held accountable for your accumulating medical bills, loss of wages, and any long-term conditions you will face.

You also need to consider the statute of limitations for your case. The statute of limitations is the length of time you have to bring a claim before you lose the ability to recover. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Texas is two years from the date of the accident, but some insurance companies require that you make your claims much sooner, especially if you will be filing for workers’ compensation. This can mean that you need to start the legal process while you or your loved one is still in a hospital bed. This is when the help of an attorney with experience handling explosion cases is critical. At Williams Hart, we will advocate for your legal rights during your recovery process so that you get the compensation you need as quickly as possible. If you try and do this alone, you may miss your deadline and lose your ability to recover any compensation.

Employees often believe that their company will automatically come to their aid after a workplace explosion. However, the reality is that after a major accident or explosion, companies focus mostly on what they need to do to stay in business. Injured employees are left to fend for themselves. In order for you to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other damages, you need an experienced explosion attorney on your side to aggressively advocate for your rights. At Williams Hart, we have just the team for you and we will not rest until you receive the maximum compensation owed to you by law.

When companies experience a major accident like an explosion, they often let their insurance companies handle the accident victims. With the insurance companies, you become a number among millions of cases they handle on a regular basis. Your injuries become another list of numbers that match with generalized settlement amounts, and these settlement amounts may not cover the medical bills you have accumulated or will accumulate in the future. The claims adjusters rarely take enough time to truly hear your story or fully understand your injuries. Do not become a number. An experienced workplace explosion lawyer will work aggressively for you with the insurance company and any other at-fault parties so that you get the maximum compensation available to you.

Our experienced workplace explosion attorneys at Williams Hart will cover all of the legal details you may not even consider as a part of your claim. We know how to deal with the insurance companies, and we know when to negotiate a settlement and when to take a case to trial. If you try to do this alone, you will lose the opportunity to have a knowledgeable professional in your corner who can give you valuable legal advice and peace of mind.

Explosion Accident Experts

Experience is the key to a successful outcome in explosion cases.

At Williams Hart, we have built a team of winning trial attorneys who genuinely care about each and every one of our clients. Not only are we not afraid to fight for every penny of compensation that our clients are due, we have the wide-ranging experience with all types of cases that you need on your side. We have seen the devastation that an explosion on oil rigs, in the oilfield, or in factories and refineries can cause the workers involved. Catastrophic injuries ranging from paralysis to amputations to severe burns are all common among workers who have been hurt in an explosion. Serious injuries result in lasting pain, suffering, and loss of the ability to work in many cases. We are not afraid to stand up for your rights and make sure that you are given the compensation you deserve to be able to move on with your life following the accident.

At Williams Hart, we have decades of experience in representing clients in personal injury claims just like yours. Our attorneys have dedicated their careers to assisting injured victims and their families get the compensation they need to cover medical bills, lost wages, daily expenses, and more. We have recovered billions of dollars for our clients over the years, and we are ready to do the same for you.

Williams Hart has been recognized for our superb quality of legal work with the industry’s most trusted referral networks. Super Lawyers has ranked our attorneys among the top personal injury lawyers in Texas. Super Lawyers uses a multiphase selection process that evaluates 12 criteria via heavy research before including an attorney, and only include 5% of all attorneys. In addition to Super Lawyers, Williams Hart is ranked by Avvo, The National Trial Lawyers Top 100, and Martindale-Hubbell.

Our recognized success in noteworthy legal ranking systems as well as our excellent reputation in Houston is due in part to the highest standards we place on our moral and ethical commitments to our clients. When we take a case, it is because we believe in seeking justice for our injured client, and we will use all available resources to win your case.

As a large firm, the legal professionals at Williams Hart are skilled in their respective practice, but we also recognize personality differences. This is why, when you choose our firm to represent your case, you will be matched with the best lawyer and staff to meet your individual legal needs. This is a major difference from other practices who assign cases at a whim, but it shows the respect we have for our clients. While recovering compensation for your injuries is always our goal, we want the entire process to be pleasant for you because we know you have endured enough stress.

Explosion Accident Cases We Handle

An accident involving any type of explosion can turn your life upside down. If you have been injured in a workplace explosion, you are probably wondering how you will pay for your increasing medical costs, your time lost for work, costs of rehabilitation, daily expenses and more. While none of this stress is easy to handle, our team has successfully handled situations just like yours, and we can get you the compensation you need. At Williams Hart we have experience handling a variety of explosion accidents, including:

Through a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim, you may be able to recover compensation to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses.

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