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Study linked recurring stress to heart attacks

Posted on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 at 10:47 am by Williams Hart   

A study by scientists at the Harvard Medical School recently suggested why recurring stress can result in heart attacks, a TIME article stated on June 22.

According to the study’s co-author Matthias Nahrendorf, white blood cells are produced in excess when an individual is under stress, but its constant overproduction can cause heart problems. The white blood cells become lodged on artery walls, resulting in irregular blood flow and eventually leading to clotting. Though the researchers connected chronic stress and heart attacks, other factors like high cholesterol, genetic traits, and smoking also largely influence the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to unhealthy behaviors like smoking, simply the ingestion of birth control pills like Yasmin or Yaz can increase the risk of women suffering from heart problems and severe blood clots. If you have been adversely affected by these pills’ dangerous side effects, the lawyers at Williams Hart may represent you to hold drug makers responsible. Find out how we may help you pursue compensation today by calling (713) 352-7071.

Risk of blood clots double for new mothers

Posted on Friday, June 27th, 2014 at 12:19 pm by Williams Hart   

A recent study discovered new moms are twice as likely to suffer blood clots several weeks after giving birth, the Liberty Voice reported on June 14.

Research conducted by a Weill Cornell Medical College assistant professor revealed a whopping 10.8 times increased chance for women to develop a blood clot in the six weeks following labor. However, new moms are still 2.2 times as likely to develop blood clots even seven to 12 weeks after giving birth. Additionally, women who have a history of blood clots are at much higher risk. Only 19 to 24 weeks after laboring do blood clot risks return to normal. After giving their first birth, women are advised not to sit for long periods, drink lots of water, watch their diet, and begin working out again as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, women who take birth control pills like Yasmin and Yaz to prevent pregnancy are also at higher risk of suffering blood clots. If you have experienced this, the lawyers at Williams Hart may represent you to get your much needed treatment funds. Discuss your situation with us today at (713) 352-7071 to learn more about your options.

Australian mom with blood clots joins class action against Bayer

Posted on Monday, June 16th, 2014 at 10:18 am by Williams Hart   

An Australian woman who developed blood clots after taking Yaz recently joined a group of women poised to sue the drug maker giant Bayer, the West Australian reported on June 6.

Reports said Natalie Bock, along with 88 other women, signed up for a potential lawsuit against Bayer for health problems resulting from ingesting Yasmin or Yaz contraceptive pills. A mother of two children, Ocean Reef resident Bock learned she had blood clots and a blood disorder that heightens the risk of blood clots after taking Yaz. Bock’s physician stated that taking Yaz with her blood disorder was a deadly combination.

In the United States alone, thousands of women suffer from health conditions heightened by the defective birth control pills and have filed lawsuits against Bayer. If you have experienced negative side effects from taking Yaz, the legal team at Williams Hart may fight for you to hold the drug maker liable and win your much-needed treatment funds. Discuss your situation with our lawyers today at (713) 352-7071 to learn more about your options.

Women suffer more after heart attacks, study says

Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 at 3:14 pm by Williams Hart   

A recent study suggests that women may suffer more extensively after a heart attack than men in the same condition, WUSA9 reported on June 3.

In the findings showed to American Heart Association, researchers suggested that women who have survived a heart attack are likely to suffer from more mental and physical deterioration than men, who recover quicker from the same condition. The researchers surveyed 3,501 people with heart attack history aged 55 and below. Lead author of the study Rachel Dreyer, Ph.D., stressed the importance of the study and the need to improve life for women after they suffer from heart attacks.

Sadly, women with a history of heart attack may have a higher risk of another heart failure from using Yasmin or Yaz birth control pills. If you sustain health problems from taking these defective pills, the lawyers at Williams Hart may represent you. Find out how we may be able to help you pursue damages from negligent drug makers today by calling (713) 352-7071.

Diabetic women 44% more likely than men to develop heart disease

Posted on Friday, May 30th, 2014 at 9:18 am by Williams Hart   

A recent study suggests that women suffering from diabetes are statistically more likely than men with the condition to end up with coronary heart disease, an article by the Los Angeles Times reported on May 22.

According to the study published in the European journal “Diabetologia,” women with Type 2 diabetes are 44% more likely to suffer from and even die of heart-related problems compared to Type 2 diabetic men.

Researchers found that women in the pre-diabetic stage tend to gain more weight than men, further increasing their risk of heart disease and heart attack. Researchers advised that health providers should develop measures that would identify and treat prediabetes early, before it gets out of hand.

Apart from diabetes, contraceptive pills like Yasmin or Yaz may also provoke the onset of heart problems in women. If Yasmin or Yaz has caused problems with your health, our legal team at Williams Hart may be able to help you seek financial compensation. Call us at 800-220-9341 or send us an email to get in contact with an attorney today.

Increased fiber diet tied to decreased fatal heart attack

Posted on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 at 10:45 am by Williams Hart   

Researchers suggest that people with heart attack history who consumed high-fiber foods have a lower risk of dying in the event of another heart attack, an article by Reuters stated on May 6.

After studying at least 2,258 women and 1,840 men, researchers found that deadly heart attacks declined by 15 percent for every 10 grams of fiber consumed. Head author and epidemiologist Shanshan Li of Harvard School of Public Health stressed that diet is a great factor in the development of heart-related problems. Consuming high-fiber grains lessened the death risk by 28 percent. Researchers advised women to consume at least 25 grams of high-fiber food everyday while men should consume 38 grams.

Unfortunately, heart attacks are also linked to women who took Yasmin and Yaz contraceptives. If you or someone you know has been injured by this birth control drug, the legal team of Williams Hart may fight for you. We may possibly help you recover your loss by seeking damages from negligent drug makers. Call us today at 800-761-3187 to understand your options.

Woman wins nearly $14 million in damages in Yasmin lawsuit

Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 3:43 pm by Williams Hart   

A woman who suffered from a stroke after being prescribed Yasmin by her doctor recently won damages worth $14 million, Chicago Tribune reported on April 20.

Reports said a Cook County jury and the legal counsel of Mariola Zapalski concluded that she was wrongfully advised by her Chicago doctor to take Yasmin in 2007. Zapalski, then 37 years old, was entirely paralyzed on her left side by a stroke only days after taking Yasmin birth control pills. Zapalski was not given information about the harmful potential side effects of Yasmin when it was prescribed to her. The award is a relief to the couple, who have endured many hardships as a result of the doctor’s poor prescription. Zapalski’s husband Rafal also had to stop working to take care of his wife.

The lawyers at Williams Hart work for women who suffered a stroke or any heart-related problems as a result of using Yasmin birth control pills. Our lawyers may be able to help you get the financial remunerations you need to recover your health. Tell us your story today and learn more about your options by calling 800-220-9341.

Innovative blood test expected to help save heart patients

Posted on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 at 3:37 pm by Williams Hart   

Medical experts in the U.S. are looking forward to utilizing a newly developed blood test that will identify whether a patient is suffering from a heart attack.

Experts in Sweden recently discovered a simple procedure that combines blood test results with electrocardiogram results to evaluate whether a heart attack is occurring. The test reportedly has a high rate of accuracy.

Stockholm doctor, Nadia Bandstein believes that this new test will prevent at least 25% of heart attack deaths. Though the new blood test procedure showed impressive results in Sweden, heart specialists in the U.S. are still curious to see other results.

The popular contraceptives, Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella have been linked to many incidences of heart attacks and other potentially fatal medical events. If you have suffered adverse effects from your medication, the attorneys at Williams Hart may be able to help you pursue compensation. Call our offices at 800-761-3187 to discuss your legal options.

New study links heart attack risk to daylight savings time

Posted on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 at 11:14 am by Williams Hart   

A new study found that people are at a 25% higher risk of having a heart attack the Monday after daylight saving time (DST), Reuters reported on March 29.

According to University of Colorado in Denver cardiologist Doctor Amneet Sandhu, the risk of heart attacks were heightened right after DST. In the 42,000 admitted patients studied in private hospitals in Michigan, they found that an estimated eight heart attack patients admitted were added on the first Monday of DST. After the first Monday of DST, the number of patients admitted either didn’t change or decreased. As such, Dr. Sandhu said that people who are prone to having heart problems may have a higher risk of having a heart attack the first Monday of DST.

Yasmin or Yaz contraceptives are also known to increase women’s chances of having a heart attack. If you have suffered a heart problem as a result of this birth controls, a lawyer from Williams Hart may be able to help you get justice and compensation. Discuss your situation more in depth by calling 800-220-9341.

New research finds that anger could cause cardiovascular problems

Posted on Monday, March 10th, 2014 at 1:38 pm by Williams Hart   

New research from Harvard shows that angry outbursts can contribute to an increased risk of a person having cardiovascular problems, such as a heart attack or stroke.

Harvard School of Public Health researchers, led by Dr. Elizabeth Mostofsky, found that people are at five times more of a risk to have a heart attack within two hours after being enraged, and three times the risk of having a stroke compared to people who are usually calm. Additionally, people who are angry frequently – about five times per day – were much more likely to suffer health problems.

Researchers stated that, though they don’t know why exactly this is the case, when people are angry, their heart rate increases, as does their vascular resistance and blood pressure.

Unfortunately, an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes has also been linked to the use of Yasmin and Yaz birth control pills. If you have experienced heart problems as a result of using these potentially dangerous pills, an attorney at Williams Hart can possibly help you fight against the drug maker and get much-needed compensation. Call (713) 352-7071 today to learn more about your options.

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