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Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Houston

As any native Houstonian knows, the roads and highways in our city are constantly congested, and car crashes occur on a daily basis. Our local infrastructure is not equipped to handle the sheer amount of daily traffic that utilizes it, and everyday distractions like weather, distracted driving, and intoxicated drivers make it extremely dangerous for everyone on the road.

According to a 2016 report released by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), there were 14,832 potential injury crashes on Houston roadways last year. The study also shows that 245 people lost their lives in the 237 fatal accidents that occurred on the highways in Houston. In fact, two of our city’s highways ranked on Forbes magazine’s list of the ten deadliest highways in the United States, ranking only behind Florida with the number of deadly roadways in the nation, based on the number of fatal crashes over the last ten years. The two highways cited in the Forbes piece were Texas U.S.-83 with 366 fatalities, and Texas U.S.-87 with 197 deaths.

Aside from dangerous highways, Houston drivers also encounter many intersections around the city that pose a high risk of serious accidents. Whether it is a poor design, a bustling area, or other factors, these intersections are the sites of frequent collisions and injury accidents. According to the Houston Chronicle, the most dangerous intersection in Houston is the intersection of Bissonnet and West Sam Houston Parkway on the city’s west side. Over a three-year period from 2012-2015, there were 355 collisions reported at this intersection, with 263 reported injuries.

As anyone who has driven on the congested streets of Houston can attest, accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. Unfortunately, some intersections are more dangerous and are prone to injury crashes than others, especially based on the number of collisions that occur there each year. Below are some of the most hazardous intersections in Houston:

  • Intersection Location: Bissonnet Street at West Sam Houston Parkway
  • Intersection Location: Sam Houston Parkway at Westheimer Road
  • Intersection Location: NASA Parkway and I-45
  • Intersection Location: Greens Road at I-45
  • Intersection Location: Beechnut Street at Sam Houston Parkway
  • Intersection Location: Main Street at South Loop
  • Intersection Location: Hardy Road at Sam Houston Parkway
  • Intersection Location: I-45 at Sam Houston Parkway
  • Intersection Location: Westpark Tollway at Sam Houston Parkway
  • Intersection Location: Bammel Road at Sam Houston Parkway
  • Intersection Location: Beltway 8 at I-45 North
  • Intersection Location: 610 East at I-10

While the collision statistics do not tell the whole story, like what caused these accidents, many of the locations tell the same story: they are feeder roads located near extremely busy toll-roads. It is clear that the sheer amount of daily traffic on Houston’s roadways contributes to the number of serious injury accidents or fatal collisions around our city.

Common causes of Houston accidents include:

  • Speeding or aggressive driving
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Distracted driving (drivers on social media, grooming, eating or drinking in the car, and other distractions)
  • Driver error

The list above is not comprehensive, but it does give you a good idea of some of the common causes of serious and fatal accidents at these intersections in Houston.

The Houston Press compiled a list of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians. Houston is not a city known for its walkability, and while certain public projects have aimed to make the roads friendlier for pedestrians and cyclists, the city is still dominated by cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles. Over the three-year period of the study, 166 crashes resulted in 167 injuries at 117 intersections around the city involving pedestrians.

The five most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in Houston:

  • Intersection Location: Main Street and Pierce Street
  • Intersection Location: Wheeler at Main Street
  • Intersection Location: Gessner at Westview
  • Intersection Location: South Voss at Westheimer
  • Intersection Location: West Belfort at Fondren

Most of these intersections are located in highly-populated areas with incredibly high traffic levels day and night. They are favorite locations (especially Westheimer Road) that make crossing difficult, even at regulated crosswalks. West Belfort and Fondren, for example, features six lanes of traffic, along with two additional left turn lanes. There are popular shopping centers and apartments nearby, which makes the area incredibly busy at all times.

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