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Houston Dangerous Driving Conditions Attorneys

Traffic in Houston is a well-publicized issue, even on sunny days. When dangerous driving conditions such as rain or ice are present, traffic becomes even worse. Under these riskier conditions, reckless driving becomes even more of an issue. Even the smallest amount of rain mixed with oils can make for a slick roadway, so operating a vehicle with caution is important. Unfortunately, there are some drivers that fail to do so.

The Houston dangerous driving conditons lawyers at Williams Hart understand the physical and economical suffering caused by reckless drivers in dangerous conditions. We feel that those drivers should be held accountable for their actions and our attorneys strive to legally protect the victims of accidents caused by these reckless drivers.

Adverse Conditions Requiring Caution

Though Texas drivers are typically unaccustomed of driving in snow, there are several other conditions that can be just as difficult to navigate. Adverse weather requires drivers to use extra caution in order to maintain roadway safety. A few dangerous driving conditions include:

  • High Winds – Strong winds, especially those powerful enough to bring down tree limbs, require drivers to focus their attention to the road ahead.
  • Rain – Even when rains are not heavy, water and oil cause roads to become slick. Drivers should always drive slower during precipitation, and allow themselves a longer period for coming to a stop.
  • Fog – Fog limits a driver’s visibility. Slowing down is a great way to avoid an accident during foggy conditions.

Driving in adverse weather is more dangerous than driving on a sunny day and calls for increased attention from drivers. It’s tragic when reckless drivers fail to give these sorts of road conditions the reverence they necessitate and cause accidents that hurt innocent people.

Signs of Reckless Driving

Even in the best of weather conditions, reckless drivers can cause accidents. Slippery roadways or limited visibility conditions already make roads less safe, so a motorist who is not cautious is much more likely to cause a collision. Some signs of reckless driving to look out for and avoid include:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Not using proper turn signals
  • No headlights or brake lights
  • Ignoring red lights, stop signs, or other traffic signals
  • Driving while intoxicated or with lack of sleep
  • Distracted driving, such as cell phone use

If you notice drivers around you exhibiting any signs of reckless driving, you should slow down, pull over, or avoid them as best as you can. Of course, it may be difficult or impossible to avoid such drivers, which is oftentimes why accidents occur. The car accident lawyers at Williams Hart believe that reckless driving, especially during dangerous driving conditions, has serious consequences that victims should not have to face alone.

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