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If you were seriously injured or if a loved one was killed in a car crash, you need an attorney on your side who is not afraid to fight for you. Following a serious accident, the steps you take can have a huge impact on the amount of compensation you recover, so make sure to choose the right firm with the right experience to represent you.


The attorneys at Williams Hart know exactly how traumatic and devastating a car wreck can be on your life and livelihood. Chances are you have never experienced anything like this before, and you may not know where to turn for help. We are committed to helping you put the pieces back together. Let us handle the legal side of things while you focus on what is most important: recovering from your injuries, taking care of your family, and getting back to work.

Dangers of Not Using Turn Signals

We know you never intended for this accident to happen, but you now have to deal with the aftermath. By hiring trusted lawyers so many other people have relied on, you can rest easy knowing we are watching out for you and your family. We have helped countless individuals fight against predatory insurance companies who are only looking to shortchange you following an accident, and we are committed to holding the person or party responsible for the accident accountable. We fight tirelessly on behalf of our clients and our record of success at trial stands tall amongst our competition.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

When you experience a car accident, the question of whether you can recover compensation for your injuries relies on fault. To determine fault in legal terms, you must establish whether the other driver was negligent for the injuries you sustained. This is not something you should attempt on your own. A lawyer can help you with a negligence claim for your car accident by showing that the other driver had a duty of care to obey traffic laws and drive safely, that they breached that duty when they caused your accident, and ultimately that the injuries you sustained were caused by that breach. This may seem somewhat straightforward, but in Texas, it gets more complex.

When it comes to negligence, Texas adheres to something called Modified Comparative Fault. This is a rule that the courts use to determine who can recover compensation for injuries, and who cannot. According to modified comparative fault, if you are injured in an accident, you can only recover money damages for your injuries if you are 50% or less at fault. That means that if evidence shows that you were 51% responsible for the accident, you cannot recover anything from the other party. This area of the law can become confusing quickly, but in order to recover maximum compensation, it is crucial that you properly apply the law to the facts in your case. Having an experienced car accident lawyer from Williams Hart by your side means that we will navigate these intricate legal details and more so that you are in a position for success.

Insurance companies are another major element of any car accident claim. The insurance companies try to set the tone of every car accident claim by offering you lowball settlements. While it may be tempting to accept a quick, painless settlement, do not accept any money from the insurance company until you contact an attorney. These companies run their businesses so that even if you accept an early settlement offer, they still make money. The insurance companies are so large that they have staff assigned exclusively to negotiate these settlements with victims. They have sneaky tactics that they will use to pressure you into accepting low settlements, or trick you into saying something that damages your ability to collect any compensation. Do not become a victim for a second time.

You deserve to be compensated for your injuries at the maximum extent amount allowed by the law, not by what the insurance company thinks you will accept. By helping you through each step of your claim, including calculating all of your medical bills, lost wages and other damages, Williams Hart will provide you with the representation you need to have the best chances of successful recovery in your claim.

Why Choose Williams Hart

For more than 25 years, firm has defended the rights of our clients in Texas. Our attorneys are professional and respectful, and our track record shows that we have some of the best trial attorneys in the state. When you pick Williams Hart to represent your claim, you will receive our firm’s nearly limitless resources to aggressively pursue justice for you. If for any reason we encounter a situation that requires outside assistance, we can call upon our many professional contacts to co-counsel in your representation. We have partnered with many individuals and firms around the country, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure your needs are fully covered.

We have recovered billions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients, and we are committed to doing the same for you. We do this by considering each client’s unique legal needs. We will match you with a lawyer who is a good fit both personally and professionally for your case, and you will work as a team to prevail in your claim. We will select the best strategy to take in your claim, and we will be sure to give you legal advice and answer all of your questions along the way. This level of one-on-one attention is what builds attorney-client trust, and that kind of trust is exactly what sets us apart from other firms. You will see the difference that the very best legal representation makes in the value of the settlement you eventually receive.

At Williams Hart, we value hard-working people, and we know that you deserve hard-working lawyers. We will fight hard for your rights while maintaining the highest level of ethical standards. This level of integrity is what will give you the confidence to focus on your recovery while you leave the legal matters to us.

Car Accident Next Steps

Who is Responsible and What Should I Do?

The team at Williams Hart has handled a wide range of car accident cases, including ones involving catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, contested claims, and lengthy trial battles. We are committed to making sure we hear our clients’ voices and we will relentlessly pursue the compensation you deserve following an accident.

In the aftermath of an accident, people are often confused or unsure of what to do next. With lengthy recovery and healing ahead of you, the last thing you want to deal with is insurance companies and medical billing. By contacting an experienced attorney, you can focus on recovering while letting us do the legal work for you.

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When you work with us, we will help piece together the details of the accident, determine who is at fault, and pursue the fair and just compensation you deserve. All too often, people settle for less than they actually deserve out of frustration or sheer inexperience following an accident. Don’t let this happen to you. You do not deserve the injuries you suffered, and we will not rest until you feel whole again.

Car Accident Claims We Handle

Hurt in a car accident? We are here to help. The attorneys at Williams Hart have decades of experience handling car accident claims just like yours. We’ve helped our clients get millions of dollars in compensation for their claims, and we’re ready to help you if you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by:

Let us put our experience and skill to work for you. We know what it takes to get results, and you won’t owe us a penny unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

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Areas We Handle Car Accident Cases

Along with the greater Houston area, Williams Hart handles car accident cases statewide. Car accidents happen in Texas cities and on rural Texas highways. No matter what, we have the resources to help you get compensation for your injuries. These areas include:

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