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Why should I pursue an unpaid overtime claim?

By taking a stand against the unfair labor practices of your employer, you may be able to recover back-pay for all of the overtime wages your employer may owe you. Bearing that in mind, our legal team can help you examine your payroll records and specific job duties to determine your eligibility for overtime pay and how much you may be owed.

In addition, if you are being underpaid for your work, your coworkers are probably also being underpaid for their work. By taking legal action against your employer, it may be possible for you to set a precedent that your coworkers can use to recover fair compensation for their work as well.

If your employer has not fairly compensated you for the overtime you have been working, you should consider taking legal action against your employer to recover the money you suspect that you should have been paid. To speak with an attorney at Williams Hart about your case, please call our office at (713) 352-7071 today.

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