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How do oil and gas companies try to avoid paying overtime?

Some companies in the oil and gas industry engage in schemes to get around paying their employees the overtime wages they are supposed to receive by law. One of the more common ways these companies try to get around overtime laws is by paying “day rates” or salary to their employees. Though your employer may try to tell you otherwise, you may still be eligible for one-and-a-half times your normal rate for every hour you work beyond 40 hours per week, even if you are paid a salary or a day rate.

Another common method employers often try to avoid paying overtime is by classifying their workers as so-called “independent contractors.” While it is true that independent contractors do not need to be paid overtime, most workers who get classified as “independent contractors” by their own employers are not actually classifiable as such by any legal standard. In such cases, your employer would still owe you overtime wages if you work over 40 hours in any given week.

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