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A message from John Eddie Williams, Jr. Managing Partner

John Eddie Williams, Managing PartnerIn 1983, another attorney and I opened our own law practice. At the time, we had no clients, and there were few prospects on the horizon. It was quite an adjustment from the cushy offices we had at our downtown defense firm.

Clearly much has changed since then. Williams Bailey Law Firm has represented over 30,000 clients since we first opened our doors. We have fought hard for each of those clients, ensuring that every person’s right to a fair trial is preserved.

While jury verdicts and settlements are the currency of our profession, the moral commitment we have to our clients extends well beyond the financial bonds we forge. It has always been my goal to promote the highest ethical standards among all the attorneys and staff. Giving our clients the very best legal representation is important to us – but conducting ourselves morally and ethically is even more important.

We have always prided ourselves on being on the forefront of helping our clients, regardless of changes in the law or the world around us. Now as we enter our 25th year, I have decided that it’s time our name better reflects the law firm we are today. Therefore, Williams Bailey is now Williams Hart.

This update of our name coincides with so many of the changes that have happened to our practice in recent years, especially in terms of the expanded focus on pharmaceutical and commercial litigation. We have several new faces at the firm – attorneys and support staff alike.

I’m also happy to report that all of the things you’ve come to expect from our firm will remain the same: focusing on the needs of the client first and foremost, deploying all necessary resources to successfully litigate a case, and maintaining ethical standards that are second to none. So while our name has been updated, our values are unchanged.

I’m proud of the service our firm has given to the thousands of hard-working families around the country. It is an honor to be associated with them.

John Eddie Williams, Jr.

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